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When taking a detailed look at the upholstery (sofas & chairs) in your home or office, do you notice they’re not as clean, plush and fresh-smelling as they used to be? If so, calling on Bozeman Carpet Cleaning Services is a great investment in not only their condition and appearance, but also the health and happiness of your home and office environments.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

Our team of trained experts will lend more than a big hand with this kind of professional furniture cleaning that’s designed to purify the air you breathe. Over time various types of allergens (mildew, mold, and dust) collect within the fabric of your upholstery, which spread into the air, meaning you breathe them in on a daily basis.

Our furniture cleaning experts are specially trained to handle and deep clean all types furniture fabrics. We use powerful vacuums and cleaning solutions, our team will dig deep below the surface of the upholstery to completely remove any buildup.

Based on the type of furniture fabric we’re working with, our expert technicians will assess and determine which custom cleaning method will be most effective.

As professional upholstery cleaners, we do more than just getting rid of visible surface stains. We’ll also leave your furniture smelling as fresh and clean as it possibly can, thanks to our deodorizer services.

To fend off future stains between cleanings (which are recommended every 12 to 18 months) we’ll apply fabric protector on the surface of your furniture.




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